Sunday, July 15, 1945

196th day – 169 days to follow


Went up on the hill this AM saw Mr H and he opened up the drafts on the hot water heater and over heated it.

At noon Thel, Ski, Archie, Cozette, Roger, and Fanny went down to the camp in our car.

Eddie Hathaway and his wife and baby have been at their camp several days.

The wind blew like furey till about 4 PM so I put a screen door on our camp.

Then put the stuff in the boat and went down to Archies and got him and we fished till 8 PM caught a few roaches and small red perch.

I broke an oar and had quite a job getting back to the landing.

We all came home about 9 PM and stopped on the hill to fix my furnace, saw Mr H and Mrs H and Ricky.

I hear that Goofy Moon has bought the Henry Jordan place for 4,800

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