Friday, July 20, 1945

201st day – 164 days to follow

Bills camp

Partly cloudy, Foggy and warm.

Helped Ashton hanging doors.

Ashton Howland finished up at noon.

I sawed wood in back of the barn all the afternoon.

Jubbie shot at a woodchuck in the beans and didn’t get him.

After supper Thel, Ski, and I took a ride down to Bill’s cottage.

Bill, Ski, and I went up to the last narrows and fished a couple of hours. Ski caught 7 or 8 red perch and I had two bites and caught a small pickerel. Bill caught one fair sized red perch.

When it got dark we quit and came back to the cottage and had hot coffee and Bill and I had a bottle of beer.

Ski drove both ways.

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