Tues, July 24, 1945

205th day – 160 days to follow

Charlie Sherman

Fair and comfortable wind east.

Jubbie and I worked in the grove all day and it is really beginning to look good.

Mrs Morton caught a good striped bass this afternoon.

The heirs of Lew Covell are meeting over at Picks tonight to try to come to a decision about the estate.

We went up to Aunt Tirzah’s and picked up a little junk.

George and Ski and Marie stayed down to the pond while Eleanor is up here.

Eleanor went back to the camp.

Charlie Sherman called me up about 9 PM and said he was coming up to see me.

He got up here about 20 minutes later and he had an application from a woman in Duxbury for me to sign.

He stayed and talked till 12-20 AM.

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