Monday, July 23, 1945

204th day – 161 days to follow

Freddie Driece was up on the hill today and cleaned out the drains to the cesspool.

Jubbie and I worked in back of the barn on the kindling wood.

I saw a rat in Eleanor’s chicken yard.

After supper I took the revolver that George brought back from Germany over for Walder to take a look at it, he likes the 28-20 George carried while he was in the army of occupation.

Geo and Eleanor and Ski went down to the camp for a few days.

Thel has gone to her Club meeting.

John Finney was up on the hill today.

Mrs H went up to boston.

Picked another batch of beans on the hill.

I saw a rat in Eleanor’s hen yard and watched for him with my 22 automatic but didn’t get a shot.

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