Friday, July 27, 1945

208th day – 157 days to follow

Robin weasel mouse woodchuck

I saw a weasel on the woodpile in back of the barn so I ran down and got the 410 and shot him.

Found a baby robin on the green, all wet and most dead. I dried it off and got it warmed up then took the step ladder and put it back in the nest.

At noon I saw a woodchuck at noon on the fire belt.

There was a baby deerfoot mouse in my tool house on the floor it hadn’t got its eyes open and too weak to walk, I expect mother was moving her young and got scared when I came in so I left it and when I came back she had got it.

Tonight I saw a woodchuck in the Bramhall field so I ran back to the tool house and got my 22 rifle and crept as near as I could get about 50 yards and it was sitting up which I shot, the bullet went thru it and hit the ground beyond it, the woodchuck rolled around in the grass a few times then crawled down its hole.

Geo and Eleanor went to Boston.

The place is sold to the Driscolls.

Jubbie didn’t show up to work today.

Mrs H went stripe bass fishing.

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