Saturday, July 28, 1945

209th day – 156 days to follow

Cloudy and warm, Wind east.

Stopped in to see Pic on the way home at noon.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the camp. The road is washed out something fierce.

We worked around the camp till after supper then went fishing. Trolled all the way around the pond and didn’t get a strike.

Then we went over into the south west cove and caught a few roaches and Thel pulled a large bass up to the side of the boat and lost it.

There is a large toad living in that outhouse and another under the camp front step.

I found another hummingbird nest up on the hill right over the tri step path from the house to the garden.

Did some casting off the point after dark. No luck.

The Phoebe young have gone from the porch sill.

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