Tuesday, July 31, 1945

212th day – 153 days to follow

Fair today, very clear.

Jubbie and I worked trimming in the flower gardens.

Mrs H went blueberrying.

Geo went over to town and he sent off my insurance premium.

Something is the matter with Geo Finney, I don’t know the particulars yet.

John Jesse was drowned yesterday just before dark and they found the body this morning.

Thel is going up to the Toll house to a supper the Club is giving to Mrs Fraser before she goes to the hospital.

I am going to a state guard testimonial supper to Captain Goodwin, as he has been inducted and is leaving next month.

Rode over as far as the Armory with Thel, from there with the Co. out to Kingston Hotel there was 6-7 state Guardsmen present at the supper and it was fried chicken.

I had a place chair at the brass hat table.

Cpt Goddard gave me a ride home.

Bobbie and his wife were here and spent the evening with Geo and Eleanor.

The police were up to see Geo Finney.

After that a Doctor and finally an ambulance that took him to the Brockton City Hospital.

One Reply to “Tuesday, July 31, 1945”

  1. The Toll House was a delightful restaurant in Whitman owned by Ruth Wakefield. She was the creator of the “Toll House cookie”.


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