Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1945

213th day – 152 days to follow

Fair and comfortable

Did chores all the morning.

Mrs H caught a bass yesterday.

Tonight Geo, Eleanor, Ski and Georgie went down to the camp and had supper there.

After we ate supper Geo and I went fishing by the tree in the cove, I caught the tiniest red perch I ever caught on a hook. We moved up the pond a little ways and I put the perch on my hook and a bass took it right off and made a 50 to 60 foot run of line, I waited for it to take the perch before I set the hook, when I tried to set it there was nothing on it, I had waited too long.

I cast a few times off the point with no luck.

When we started for home we had a flat in front on front right wheel.

We turned down river St, took Mrs Stephani home.

Thel stayed home with the kids, and she said they were both good.

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