Thursday, Aug. 2, 1945

214th day – 151 days to follow

Fair and hot.

We got a postal card from Parson McGee, he is out west but expects to come here for a weekend in September.

I heard that Geo Finney is improving.

The hummingbird has hatched one of her eggs.

Ski found a large box turtle the first one I have seen for a long time.

I got a Bulletin and there was three articles in there by Bill Fuller of Holyoke, one of them was a knock at Bulletin’s idea of how to classify arrowhead age by their shape. It struck me as amusing as Bill and I have done the same thing and our article will appear in the October bulletin.

Geo and Eleanor went out tonight, Ski went up to Hugh’s tonight.

Fixed up my bike so I can ride it again.

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