Saturday, Aug. 4, 1945

216th day – 149 days to follow

Fair and cooler wind north.

Watered all the morning.

Saw the Boss this AM and he said that his cranberries did not set as well as he expected from the bloom they had.

The other hummingbirds eggs hatched.

I showed Jubbie how a hummingbird took a bath while flying into a spray of water from a hose I was holding.

Dug some worms and after dinner Geo drove me over to rnest Johnis and I took the canoe and fished in the river and caught five large yellow perch and three small ones, when he came I paddled around a couple of times trolling for pickerels and didn’t get a strike.

Saw a large bass jump twice and some other larger fish once.

Ski went up on the hill to take care of Hank tonight.

Geo and Eleanor went out tonight.

Walder brought me over my check for $12.00 from the Covell estate, I paid it on the insurance of the place eight years ago.

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