Sunday, Aug. 5, 1945

217th day – 148 days to follow

Went up on the hill and over to the store and got the paper.

When I came back Thel, Ski, Davene and I went down to the pond.

Jubbie and I fished most all day and caught a lot of roaches. The Hathaways went home early as they were having Scotty Watson coming into it tonight.

After supper I went and did some casting off my point and after a while I saw a bass jump so I kept on trying and got him it weighed 1 ¼ lb.

Jubbies last summers girl from R.I. rowed by the point and spoke to me.

Saw  the old swede that caught the big bass on the red perch I gave him, he wanted to know if I remembered it.

Paul Goodwin stopped in here this A.M. to see me about picking some swamp blueberries.

I heard that the man that bought Raymonds is a man by the name of Banks.

Today has been one of the most perfect I ever remember.

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