Friday, Aug. 10, 1945

222nd day – 143 days to follow

Japan sues for Peace

Fair and warm light east wind.

Japan has sued for peace.

Geo Finney died in Boston City Hospital, I am still wondering just what happened to him in the Middle St. barroom.

The President has just announced that Japan has officially made an offer for peace and that the offices are now in conference as to their offer. 5 PM.

Dug some potatoes in my garden tonight.

Jubbie and I did some more work in the grove.

Ski said she heard that Geo Leach is dead.

When I used to work Bill Finneys I always used to like to hear George laugh, he used to be about ½ mile from where I worked and he used to laugh often and it sounded so clear and cheerful that it made me feel good to hear him.

After supper Bill and Lottie came in and stayed till 10.45

Dusted my musk mellons with Bordeaux Mixture.

Milt Vaughn is home from Cal.

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