Thursday, Aug. 9, 1945

221st day – 144 days to follow

Fair and warm.

Jubbie and I worked in the grove.

There was another Atomic bombing of Japan.

The Russians have made quite an advance in Manchuco.

After supper, Jubbie came over and Eleanor took he and I over to the river and we went out in the canoe for about half an hour when Archie came over and we all went up to Settle Island Pond fishing, all we caught was one hornpout and two tiny roaches.

The boat that the Jesse fellow was drowned in was taken by us. THey got it off the bottom of Big Island Pond today.

THelma and Cozette and Nana and some of their kids went down to the Camp all day. Eleanor and Ski and Pic and Roy Holmans wife went for a ride in Evelyns car this afternoon. Pic gave Hank a Norwegian style sweater she had knitted.

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