Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1945

226th day – 139 days to follow

Daill Brewer

VJ Day

Japan Surrenders

Fair and hot Wind So

Dave called up at 7 AM and said Dottie has had another girl baby born early this AM.

Thel, Cozette, and Nonas family went down to the pond for the week.

Tillie and Ski went down for the day.

This sure has been a hectic day, rumors and denials and more rumors all day about the Jap answer to our peace terms.

Their answer is to be in Washington now.

Ski has returned from the pond.

I hear that Mary Foley is looking for a job in town.

Carl Covell’s baby had to be rushed up to Boston to save its life, apparently its formula instructions had not been followed.

7 PM Japan surrenders, McArthur to be boss of Japan.

Eleanor took Ski, Milt, Jenette, her sister in law and I over to town.

There was a parade and as the state guard came by I stepped into ranks and marched with them in the parade.

We all came home on the 10-30 bus.

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