Wednesday, Aug. 15, 1945

227th day – 138 days to follow

Peace holiday today and tomorrow.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire on the way back I stopped in at Picks, saw Walder, Eb, and Grace.

Archie gave me a ride down to the camp and he and I went fishing and got only a lot of small roaches before we ate dinner.

After dinner it rained as hard for a short time as hard as I ever saw it.

Frank Raymond had some people looking at lots between me and Archie.

After the shower Archie and I went over back of the island in East Cove and we had good fishing I had three small perch or bait and a pickerel got me and I got two pickerels with the other two. And on worms I got a small bass. Archie got two and we both got a lot of Blue Gill roaches on worms.

Jubbie came back here and fixed the furnace.

Our road washed quite bad in the heavy rain.

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