Saturday, Aug. 25, 1945

237th day – 128 days to follow

Light showers all day.

Didn’t sleep good last night in a different bed so I got up at 630 am and walked up the street over one RR Bridge and on a quarter of a mile or more over twin track RR then I took a right hand dirt road and followed it for about half a mile, and the woods was full of damps.

I came out on a main highway and turned left and came back by Duck Inn and to the next corner where there is a racing stable, then left again and back home.

The woods here are white pine, pitch pine, cedar, oak, birch, walknut, maple, grape vines and quantities of hazelnut bushes.

On the way home I saw  a Baltimore oriole, a brown thusk and a chipping sparrow.

Vegetation thrives in the locality and some of the land is very stoney.

After dinner Dave Davene Thel Janice and I rode over to Reading on a shopping trip.

After supper Dave and I rode over to Wilmington and got some ice.

Wilmington sure had a lot of liquor stores for a small place.

Reading is a very neat looking town.

Went to bed at 11 PM.

One Reply to “Saturday, Aug. 25, 1945”

  1. I just love how “real” these posts are, remarking on the native birds and tree types, and then mentioning the number of liquor stores he observed…just poetic!


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