Sunday, Aug. 26, 1945

238th day – 127 days to follow

Fair and cool

This forenoon Dave and I started in to dig a hole for his bulk head in back of the Ell of his house, when we got down about 2 feet there was a great rock in the middle of our hole so we dug around, cut a birch tree for a pry and pried the rock and blocked it up a foot or so.  Then we got a tire and got a hitch around it and ran a chain from that to his car and snaked it out.

After we ate a very late dinner we got cleaned up and Dave brought Mr and Mrs Howell and Janice to So Station where I took the train for home.

When I got off the train, Eleanor was waiting for me and we got to Bay View Area when I remembered I had left my bundle on the rack in the train so we rushed back to the station and found it still on the train.

Eleanor took me up on the hill and I fixed the heater.

Then came home and had supper.

Eleanor got a letter from Geo and he said his regiment is Booked for Pacific Sept 15.

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