Monday, Aug. 27, 1945

239th day – 126 days to follow


Fair and cool

When I got up on the hill I found my tool house locked and couldn’t find the key so I had to take the door off the hinges to get in. Jubbie left the key inside and locked it in.

There is a red squirrel up on the hill and it is picking my pears and he grabs the pear then bites thru the stem and they are so large that he picks 4 or five before he gets one he can hold onto, so on the whole I am losing most of my pears.

The young hummingbirds have left the second nest I found.

I missed Jubbie up on the hill today, he is down at the camp for a week during Archie’s vacation.

After supper I picked the shell beans and a bushel of onions, a lot of my onions rotted in the ground.

I took Percy Finney ‘s monkey wrench back. I borrowed it to work on the pump down at the camp.

Claiure Driscoll was down to see Eleanor.

Went over into Phil Chandler’s garden and found one poor unfinished arrowhead.

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