Saturday, Sept. 1, 1945

244th day – 121 days to follow

Peace Pact signed by Japan and the Allies

Sept 1 Fair today thought it was foggy this forenoon.

Raked and mowed lawns, also walked down to the Beach Club and carried the sign down, stepladder, two wrenches, two long bolts, screwdriver, ect, and had quite a time rehanging the sign.

Elanor got from Geo and he is not going to the Pacific.

I got a letter from Harry H and he is doing archeology in London at the bottom of a bomb crater, it 12th century Roman. 

This afternoon Thel and I went down to the camp, we stopped in for a few minutes to see the Hathaways, Archie and I went fishing over in east cove in back of the Island and we got nothing.

Archie, Cozette, and Roger came over at 9:30 and listened to McArthur from Japan and President Truman from Washington sign and declare the war over.

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