Sunday, Sept. 2, 1945

245th day – 120 days to follow




Archie, Jubbie, Billie Cox, and I went over to Elbow Pond and we borrowed a boat.

I picked up a very fine white quartz stemmed Arrowhead in the sand on the beach. The first sign I have seen of anything of Indian culture there.

We went out fishing and I caught one nice pickerel on a spinner and a big one on a worm and an old soaker on a live roach. Jubbie got a large red perch.

Had a hard shower while we were fishing and we got good and wet.

This morning Thel and I came down home and I fixed the fire up on the hill and got the Sunday paper up at the store.

Sowed some grass and flower seeds at the camp.

We went to bed at 8 PM.

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