Thursday, Aug. 30, 1945

242nd day – 123 days to follow


Hot and muggy

We expected Thel to come home last night but she didn’t. 

Mrs H and Martha and Hank and Dimp.

12 m wind changed and some thunder and lightening, rain hasn’t got here yet.

Eleanor’s pullets laid 2 more eggs, larger ones this time.

THel got hom just before supper time.

Ski went up to Hugh’s to work tonight.

Saw a small garter snake again today, probably the one I saw yesterday.

I heard that Ida Finney’s house has been sold to a couple of GIs.

A big change in the weather it is fine now.

Saw Archie and Cozzette when I came home from work, they are at the camp this week and are staying till Labor Day night.

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