Wednesday, Aug. 29, 1945

241st day – 124 days to follow

Temp 93

Fair and hot.

The temp went up to 93 today and pretty sticky too.

Eleanor got two pullet eggs today, pretty small ones, she killed two roosters.

I saw a pair of hummingbird kids fighting up on the hill in my pear tree, looked like two females, probably an old bird trying to drive one of her grown up young ones off the place.

I have seen old chipmunks do the same thing to their grownup young, probably they do it to balance the food supply, by not having too many of one species in a given area.

Claire Driscoll came here for a few minutes.

Elanor and Ski took a bicycle ride.

Saw a small garter snake in the pool garden.

Made myself another fishing pole.

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