Sunday, Sept. 9, 1945

252nd day – 113 days to follow

Cooler and foggy till 10:30 am

This morning I went over to Triangle Pond and I fished off the fallen pine tree.

I caught two nice big red perch on worms and then couldn’t get any more bites so I cast out a spoon and 3 pickerel chased it in and I caught the biggest one, 18 inches long.

After dinner Thel and I went in back of the Island fishing and she caught a bass on worms.

Then Archie and his family came and he and I went fishing and he caught a big pickerel on worms in front of Eben Shawz.

I went down to the point after I had eaten supper and made a few casts and got a nice pickerel on a spoon.

There was an awful lot of auto traffic on Warren Ave over the weekend.

Eleanor and Ski are printing pictures.

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