Thursday, Sept. 20, 1945

263rd day – 102 days to follow


This morning Mrs H and Martha and I went over to the Yacht Club and got the stuff out of her sail boat and I planted a dozen hollyhock plants in the flower beds.

On the way home we stopped in at Leon Shermans to look at an Indian skeleton he found in his driveway. It was in pretty good shape for such a shallow burial, about 16 inches deep. And was all there but the vertebrae, as yet they haven’t found any artifacts.

After supper Eleanor and I picked a couple of her roosters she got 10 eggs today, she is having no trouble getting rid of birds and eggs.

Ski and I fed Phil’s cows some corn stalks.

Erma Roberts was in for a rooster.

Thel took Evely home.

Bobbie called up and said he had hit and killed some kind of an animal at the foot of R.H. drive, I went over to take a look at it and found it was a large woodchuck.

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