Wednesday, Sept. 19, 1945

262nd day – 103 days to follow

Fair and warm.

Worked some in the grove, cleaned up some stuff out of the attic.

Jubbie worked this afternoon.

Mary Gallagher was back on the hill this AM, she is getting stuff ready for Martha to go to school in Cnn.

I heard that some Armenians have bought the Hartwell Estate and the Morton Collingwood house.

Saw a loon flying over today.

Mrs H read me a letter from Bd, he is in the Philippines.

After supper I took Jubbie over to the Armory to see the Drill and we were lucky as they had Movies and a feed afterwards.

We came home on the bus and we got off at the top of Cliff St.

I found a dime and two pennies on the sidewalk.

Thel had her club here for a meeting tonight.

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