Thursday, Sept. 27, 1945

270th day – 975 days to follow

Fair and Cooler, fine day.

Did a lot of watering up around.

The ballots came for the election of the officers of the MA Society to be held in Boston Oct 13.

Jubbie came to work this afternoon.

Dimp went to Boston today.

I heard that the deal is off on the sale of Ida Finney’s place.

Saw two red squirrels up on the hill, one was chasing the other.

Thel is still taking Evelyn home.

Ski got another red letter from the Dutch Marine.

After supper Thel, Ski and II went over to town to the pictures, it was the picture on Ernie Pyle and was a very clever representation of the articles Ernie wrote from North Africa and Italy.

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