Saturday, Sept. 29, 1945

272nd day – 973 days to follow

Saw Mr H this am he was on his way to his bogs.

Caught a young rat up on the hill.

After dinner Bill came up and we went up to the Brown site.

His son-in-law drove us up and came after us at 5 pm.

Bill found one fine triangular arrow point, and one large pit full of mussel shells, a few of both types of clams.

I found two pits, in the first one I got a beautiful horn flaker and a probable rubbing stone five inches long and one inch thick, shows some pecking near the center.

In the second put I got a flaked hatchet blade triangular in shape, very good.

And one broken awl and a poor snub nosed scraper.

Martha, and Nora were in here a few minutes.

Thel and I went down to the camp and it was so cold we had to have a fire in the camp.

We had a thunder shower this afternoon and it sure did rain hard.

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