Saturday, Sept. 30, 1945

273rd day – 92 days to follow

This morning I put on a pair of boots and went over to Eban’s pond and cast a plug all the way around the pond.

And got two strikes and landed one nice pickerel.

I met two young fellows over at the pump house and one was a fellow by the name of Robinson from Marion and he said he knew Ernie Clark and Mauricee Robbins and he said he hunted Indian relics and has 600, the other fellows name is Washburn.

After Thel and I ate dinner I chopped down some dead trees and sawed them up and split some brush.

We came home early and I stopped up on the hill and fixed the fire.

Eleanor saw Dr Hurtsal about renting one of his houses for the winter.

About 4 PM Thel and I were on the point and she said what is that big bird that just flew off the cove beach? It was an Osprey and it flew right over us about thirty feet high. Quite a sight.

Our camp chipmunk was on the prowl for food to store under the camp.

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