Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1945

276th day – 89 days to follow

Quite cool and windy this AM some change from yesterday.

Feel pretty rotten today, and kind of dragged out.

Saw the new help this AM, a woman about 50 and her niece about 30 or so.

Saw Mrs H she said that she stopped in to see Martha on her way back from NY and Martha likes her school first rate.

Bobbie worked today.

Bobbie Lee came up on the hill to see me this afternoon and Mrs H thought he was Dave till I told her it was Bobbie, he is working at the First National on the vegetable counter.

When I got home Bob and his wife were still here.

Today I got a letter from Fred Johnson, he is going to bring my pot to the Boston meeting.

Got a letter from Thel and Ski they are up at Laconia NH.

Elba Grey was up here this evening.

Saw 54 planes and one eagle flying over the hill today.

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