Friday, Oct. 5, 1945

278th day – 87 days to follow


Fair and mild, great day.

Puttered around all the AM.

Trimmed the hedge around the cutting garden for the first time since I cut it back to the ground last.

While I was eating supper Dr Bradley came for Jack, he is going to dispose of him tonight.

Jack was the best piece property I ever owned, the nearest thing to a gentleman any dog ever was, he had a brain that I prized over the best pedigree in America.

I hope there’s lots of woodchucks in his heaven, if so he sure would be happy.

When I got home from work, Ski and Thel were here, they got back a day earlier than I had expected.

They brought me home a nice present. I certainly appreciate a dandy hunting coat.

Mrs Hornblower called me up tonight and said that the cook got burned by the gas stove.

Bill called me up tonight and wants to dig tomorrow afternoon.

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