Saturday, Oct. 6, 1945

279th day – 86 days to follow

Mild and cloudy look like rain.

Saw Mr H and Geo Crowell this AM.

After dinner Bill came up and we went over to the dig and cleaned up one section.

Found one fine stemmed arrowhead, one large triangular knife, one long triangular arrow, several broken pieces, several smaller pieces of pottery and two small pieces of graphite, best quality, one broken pestle and three shell pits.

Not an awful lot of stuff but will make an interesting write up.

Ski worked up at the store today.

We all miss Jack today.

I wore my new hunting coat this afternoon and like it fine.

Bill and I saw a large puff adder up by Pierce Chateaus, it was quite interesting to see it puff up as I haven’t seen one before for several years.

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