Sunday, Oct. 7, 1945

280th day – 85 days to follow

Warm and showers, some quite heavy.

Thel drove me up on the hill this morning, we went around by the store and got the paper.

Ski and Thel went to church.

Claire Driscoll was in here this AM.

At noon, Dr Hertsal came down and told Eleanor that she can have their house from Nov 1 to April 1.

After dinner I rode my wheel up to Ira Wards old pasture and took a look for arrowheads and didn’t even find a flake.

Eleanor took Marie over to see George’s mother this afternoon.

Chicago and Detroit are playing a world series game now Detroit is in the lead, Detroit won 8 – 4.

Martha Driscoll and her boyfriend came down at 10-15 to call up the Police Dept to tell them that there is a light going up on the Hartwell house.

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