Saturday, Oct. 20, 1945

293rd day – 72 days to follow


Thel came up on the hill at 11 AM and said she had some bad news for me she said May called up and said she just had a telephone call from Beverly and it was to tell us that Bert went hunting this morning and he had a heart attack and died before he could he got home.

Thel and I went up to see May and Toot to see if they had heard anything more.

I came back and Geo and I finished digging my potatoes. I think what I had and what we have eaten would be about 15 bushels.

Walder, Pic and the boys came over this afternoon.

Thel took Evelyn home.

Geo gave me a ride on the hill.

Mrs H is 49 years old today.

Dimps got a letter from Harry today and he hopes to be home by Xmas.

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