Sunday, Oct. 21, 1945

294th day – 71 days to follow

Fair and warm beautiful day.

Geo gave me a ride up on the hill and when we got bak he got his Automatic shotgun and we went up to So Pond to see Danl Holmes who used to own the gun.

He tried some regular shells and it worked fine, apparently it will not take extra range ammunition.

After dinner Thel and I went down to the camp. It was swell down there.

We took a walk over to Archies camp and rowed around the pond.

We came back by So Pond.

We stopped in at Toots to see if they had heard anything more from Beverly. They have heard nothing.

Went up on the hill and fixed the fire.

Geo and Eleanor moved a lot of their stuff up the street.

Ada, Margerie, and Millie were at May’s.

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