Tuesday, Oct. 23, 1945

296th day – 69 days to follow

Geese Coots Brant

Partly cloudy cool.

Geese were flying over in the night and Geese, Brant, and Coot were going over all day. Emptied my 22 at one flock, no luck.

Gerald phoned down from Beverly and said that the Red Cross has located Hubert and will fly him home by Wed evening, so they are postponing Bert’s funeral till Thurs.

Jubbie worked today.

Mrs H said Hank is coming home tonight and Mary Gallagher is coming down too.

Chipmunks and Chiwinks are still here.

Bill Brewster has bought the Herbert Blanchard Farm.

Eleanor and Marie were in for a few minutes this afternoon.

Thel and I played 5 games of crib. I got the rubber.

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