Monday, Oct. 22, 1945

295th day – 70 days to follow

Fair and warm, good day.

Geo and Eleanor moved up to the end of the street today.

Saw a pretty garter snake up on the hill.

Mrs H went hunting early this AM.

Fred Moon showed up to start in painting today.

Put a new front sight on my double shotgun.

Stopped in to see Pic and the boys on my way home, nobody there.

Haven’t heard anything new from Beverly.

Called up Bill Whiting and he told me about Saturday’s meeting, Charlie Sherman was elected Chairman, Willard Whiting Vice, Adrian Tree and his wife secretary.

Saw Bill Avery rounding up some of the cows in Chandler’s pasture.

Saw a lot of crows on the hill.

Heard Googie Moon shot two pheasants Saturday.

Dave called up tonight and he and Dottie are going to meet me at Winthrop and go to the funeral.

Alex Smith was here tonight.

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