Friday, Oct. 26, 1945

299th day – 66 days to follow

Cloudy and rain.

Geo and Eleanor expect to get the Genie Finney house across from the Hotel.

George is going to work for Pieoppi Monday morning.

There were a lot of birds up on the hill today, some juncas.

Saw a rabbit in the flower garden.

Thel and Ski went up to the Hall to a penny sale.

Stopped in at the store and got some tobacco, and at Eleanors and left some laundry.

Martha Driscoll has got herself engaged, she expects to be married sometime next month.

She is the youngest of the four Driscoll girls.

My eye feels a lot better today.

I hear Bert Blanchards farm has been renamed Pleasant View.

Stopped in to see Pic on the way home from the hill tonight. Thel called up and said Mr Murphy was here, he stayed about 1 ½ hours.

Ski has gone up to Fellowship.

Harold and Arnice were at Picks.

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