Friday, Nov. 2, 1945

306th day – 59 days to follow

Fair and mild.

The tree men, Fred Moon, and Jubbie were on the hill today.

This morning I took a pair of oars and went down to the mouth of the river and got Mrs H boat, found a good lobsterman’s oilskin apron on the point in front of Smiths.

Ralph Manter was on the river fishing for smelt.

The tide and wind was against me going up the river and that didn’t help any.

Went way up to Ernest Johns and got my canoe and came back to HH boat house and put them both in there.

Johnnie Pelavanchi was up on the hill.

My sign is gone from the foot of the drive so I reported to the police

Thel has gone up to the church tonight.

Eleanor and Thel went to town this afternoon.

I called up Jordan Hardware to shut off the water at the beach Club.

Called up Lewis Briar about the oil heater.

My coat came from Beverly.

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