Saturday, Nov. 3, 1945

307th day – 58 days to follow

Fair and warm, fine day.

Thel found the Hornblowers sign up on Carbie’s lawn smashed to bits.

Treem, Fred, and Jubbie worked this AM.

Eddie Hathaway moved in to the Hertsal cottage today.

Bill came up after dinner and he and I went up to the dig. We moved a little over 1 square.

I found one large red blade 2 1,2 long and 2 in wide one stemmed green point, 1 ¼ by 6/8 rather poor specimen and one triangular white quartz 1 in by 1 in fine flaking and sharp points.

Ski worked up at the store today.

Stopped in a few minutes at Eleanors on my way up to the Church.

There was a get together meeting about 60 people there.

There was an 1 ½ hour entertainment after which coffee sandwiches were served upstairs.

After supper went downstairs and threw darts and bowled till 12 M

Archie and I got the two highest scores.

Kilmer was master of ceremonies.

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