Monday, Nov. 12, 1945

316th day – 49 days to follow


Mild and foggy all day.

I went up on the hill and saw Mr H and Arthur Bubbins, I ijollied him about the bear he shot in Maine and he showed me a picture of five bears he shot up in an oak tree.

When I got home Bill came up and we went out to Cohasset, Situate, Greenbush, Green harbor, and Roxbury and up to North River bridge and we had some rotten luck, neither of us got much.

Bill got one fine large point just as we began and he got nothing worth while all day after that.

I found several large crude pieces.

When I got home I found that my sister Gertie from Apponang R.I. was up at Mays.

So I went up for a few minutes before they started back,

Eleanor and Eddie’s girl and Dawn was with her.

They gave me a lift home.

Bobbie was here with a friend of his today.

Ski Rode Chand, her horse, today, she has gone up to Hughs tonight.

Gertie took this kitten home with her to R.I.

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