Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1945

317th day – 48 days to follow

Mild and foggy.

Fred Moon was up on the hill.

Elisha Edlridge and Dot were in here this AM they have sold their house in Dennisport and are looking for one to live in in Plymouth.

They got that to call up the Driscolls to see if they would rent Aunt Tirzahs house to them, she did but got no answer on it as Martha wasn’t in.

They have five grandchildren now.

Ski rode OChandlers horse up on the hill this morning.

After work I stopped in to see Pic and the boys, they are fine. Pick told me they had been offered 10,000 for their home.

Ski went to the pictures with the Hathaways.

Thel went to Lodge tonight.

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