Monday, Nov. 26, 1945

330th day- 35 days follow

John B. Finney

Fair and not very cold. Wind No.

Fred Moon worked today.

A large flock of geese flew over.  I hung the fowl up under the barn. Worked in the house all the forenoon sweeping and oiling floors.

Saw a lot of juncos.

Worked on the rose garden, and some of the shrubs.

Ski went over to Erma Robert’s to work tonight.

This afternoon a blimp flew very low over the house on the hill. 

The Chandlers are putting up quite a large addition to their house.

Pic and the two boys were here when I got home from work.

David likes to try to dance to the radio.

Called up John B. Finney to bring me some manure and salt hay up on the hill.

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