Sunday, Nov. 25, 1945

329th day- 36 days follow

This is the anniversary of my birthday.  I was born 57 years ago today.

Went up on the hill, and over to see Eleanor and Marie.

George got my gun from Hutchins and it seems to be O.K.

We had a big birthday dinner. Dave and his family, Eleanor and hers, Pick and all hers but Walder. After dinner George, Ski, and I went down to Stephen’s Field to see the foot ball game.

When we got home Dave and his family had left for Wilmington.

Walder came in and got Pic and the boys.

Toot, May, and Conrad were in here for awhile this afternoon.

Mrs. H. called me up tonight on her way back from the Island and she said that Harry is due here Tuesday, on the Queen Mary.

She said she had an accident with Harry’s 12 gage shot gun, she said she fired the right barrel and then the left, which blew out the end of the barrel, and the gun dropped in three pieces to the ground.

Mrs. Eldridge called up.

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