Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1945

332nd day- 33 days follow

Cloudy and cooler. Wind East.

Fred Moon worked. Jubbie didn’t.

A small flock of geese flew over and I fired 2 shots at them with my 22 no luck

Drained out the garden pool and found 7 bull frogs, so I took them over to the river, so they wouldn’t freeze up and die.

Frogs sure look funny trying to jump when they are sitting on ice.

Thel got a letter from Dave. He said it sure felt good to drive home in a real car.

Eleanor and Thel went up to the Finney house up by the Hotel to look it over.

After supper Thel and I went over to the Hathaways, they, the women were making the cake for the big celebration Friday.

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