Thursday, November 29, 1945

333rd day- 32 days follow

Cool and a dirty No. East gale

I went up on the hill and came home around by the beach, the wind, rain, and sand was driving across the beach something fierce.

Thel stayed up at her mothers all day getting the house ready for the company they expect tomorrow.

Ski went to the pictures this afternoon and she is going to the Black and White Club tonight with Walder and Pic.

Fed Eleanor’s hens and shut them up today.  Eleanor didn’t get down.

The radio says that four ships have come ashore on Cape Cod, and says the storm will last thru tomorrow. All the lights went off in the storm about 9 P.M. and were off for an hour.

Thel and I went over to the Hathaways.  They had been up to see Roger and he is much better.

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