Sunday, Dec. 2, 1956 

336th day-29 days follow


Went up on hill and Harry came in about 11 A.M. He had been down to see Sidney Strickland, he has a new Ford car his father gave him.

Harry is looking fine, and it is good to see him again.

He  gave me a ride as far as Eleanors on the way home.

I stayed and had dinner with George and Eleanor.

After dinner Thel, Ski, and I went over to Beach Park to look at the damage from the storm.

The sea broke across the beach by H.H. bath house and plugged it full of sand, so that the river backed into the marsh between the two streets till it got enough pressure to break over its bank and now the river empties into the ocean just west of the bath house.

We picked up a sailor and gave him a ride as far as the Sagamore Bridge.  On the way home we came around by White Horse Beach, and Greenwoods, and Stones..

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