Saturday, Dec. 1, 1945

335th day- 30 days follow

The last month of the year.

The Easterly gale is still on.  There has been a lot of snow everywhere but on the Cape.

Mrs. H called up this A.M. and she said Harry had flown up from Washington, and is coming down with them. So I waited till 1 P.M. and they hadn’t come so I came home.

Thel went up to Eleanors. Geo. came down here awhile this A.M.

Went up on the hill at 6 P.M. to tend the fires, and found that there was no electric currant there.

Talked with the P.E.L. and they said they would send a man up.  So I waited around, and Mrs. H. called up from town, so I waited for her to arrive, she saw the E.L. men and they told her they would work on the wiring tomorrow morning.  

Mrs. H, Mr. H, and Harry are having dinner at the Whipple’s tonight.

Ski is up at the Maraghys.

Carl Bolt made his annual deer hunting call.

Steven Treglawn called up and told me about the flood in the river. The storm has plugged up the mouth.

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