Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1945

338th day- 27 days follow

Cloudy and cold.

Carl called for me this morning and we went up to the Golf Course.  We tracked one large buck and 3 large does.

We scouted around for a couple of hours trying to locate them but had no luck. 

From there we went up Bloody Pond from there up around Half Way Pond, and from there up to Gunners Exchange.  We walked all the way around it.

Then we came back around by South Pond and down the Jordan Road over to the Gold Links and went up on the hill on the Stones side of the State road. Carl and I found a place where some animal had dug out some grubs and eaten them.  I found a run way and it lead me to a large white oak tree.  There is a large hole near the top, so I climbed up and looked in and found it to be a coon tree.

Then we came back to the course and where I think the deer had been bedded down all day.

I hear Helen Finney is to be married Christmas Eve with Marion.

I found a dead dove kit up at Bloody pond.

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