Wednesday, Dec. 5, 1945

339th day- 26 days follow

Cloudy and cool

Carl came up and we went up to the Golf Course. Peachy Malaguti was there and hunted with us all day.

Carl drove through the strips of woods between the fairways and I was in a sand trap at the end of it.  I looked up and there was the head of the biggest buck I ever saw sticking out of a bunch of briars just too far to shoot, so I waited for him to come out. He did on the fly and I fired three shots at him and he buckled up on the second shot but kept going.  Peachy shot once at it.

We hunted some on the Pine Hills in the morning.

Carl and I went over to the old high school at noon.  Saw Bobbie Lee there.

After dinner we went up to Cotton Pond and hunted till most dark.

Then we came back to Bill Dotens and went up the look out road and stood on deer runs till dark.

Thel and Ski went to Brockton this afternoon and got xmas presents.

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