Friday, Dec. 7, 1945

341st day- 24 days follow

Rain hard till noon. Thick fog the rest of the day.

Went up on the hill this A.M. and Mrs. H. called up at noon and said they are coming down tomorrow afternoon, and she said that Bud is in Cal. and she was going to talk to him tonight.

Carl came up after dinner and we went up to the links, and saw a bunch of ducks on the old bog in a puddle of surface water. From there we went up to Manomet and over the Beaver Dam Road to Symingtons fence then up to the scout camp at Bloody pond, and from there back to the golf links and we went and took stands on the Doten Road till dark.

Ski worked today up at the store. Eleanor came in tonight and got a red hat for George tomorrow.  He is going to hunt with us tomorrow. Hope he gets a shot.

Archie, Cozette, and Fannie were here to spend the evening.  Tilly came in later and brought some ice cream.

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